General Characteristics

Predominantly closed cell structure with an integral surface skin, leading to very low water absorption. High compressibility and low compression set over a wide temperature range. Good acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Suitable for long term continuous use from -60oF (-50oC) to 400oF (204oC) and for intermittent use from -80oF (-62oC) to 450oF (232oC). High temperature grade suitable for intermittent use up to +570oF (300oC). Manufactured in ISO 9000 quality assured plants.

Typical Applications

Thermal insulation; high and low temperature acoustic insulation.

High and low temperature gaskets and seals.


Associated Products

Silicone sponge / foam sheet

Silicone rubber tubing and hose (unreinforced)

Extruded silicone cords and profiles

Molded hose and profile sections, e.g. angle pieces, filler tubes

Silicone rubber sheet

Reinforced silicone pressure hose

Silicone moldings

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